Britney Spears Sex Tape

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Description: The term, "Pop Phenomenon" wouldn't even come close to describing Britney Spears because her impact on the music scene has been so great that it would be impossible to imagine the last several years without her in them! The world has watched her grow from a seemingly innocent schoolgirl to a mother and also to an object of extreme sexual interest. She has been through some very rough stretches professionally with some people that should have known better counting her out, but she didn't get to where she got easily and she knows how to get back there again! She has also suffered the public humiliation of losing the custody of her children but she got them back. Then just when she thought things could get no worse a British tabloid named 'The News of the World' reported that Kevin Federline was shopping around a Britney Spears sex tape and the word on the street was that her mansion had been broken into and that many sex-tapes had been stolen. Then things then got even worse after a guy said that he met Britney while she was on vacation and said that he made a sextape of them having sex. He supposedly met Britney in a bar at 1 a.m. and they ended up partying together in Brit's room and he says that Britney had no idea that their romp was being filmed. A short time later, sex-tapes that supposedly contained Britney doing just about everything and anything were appearing all over the Internet but it was pretty much impossible to say if any of them really contained Britney. Sadly for Spears she got little sympathy from a judge who was unwilling to help her, saying that the tapes in question couldn't hurt her since her 'branding' was openly trading on her "modern sexuality." Her name and face are now legendry and it's surely only a matter of time before Spears surprises us again and hopefully in a pleasant way! Some of the tapes that are circulating contain very hot and very explicit action with babes that look like Britney but if it's her I wouldn't care to say. We have good looking content that is definitely Britney and we have a lot of the more questionable content too that might contain lookalikes or simply women that you can't recognize for one reason or another. So take a look at what we have of Britney and of myriads of other celebs too and make up your own mind!
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