Belen Rodriguez Sex Tape

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Description: Argentinian model-turned Italian TV personality Belén Rodríguez lying completely naked on a bed with her breasts in view as a guy puts a home video camera at the base of the bed and then joins Belén, spreading her legs for the camera. He then rubs between her legs with his fingers before moving Belén closer for a better look. We continue to get an explicit view between her legs as the guy makes out and fingers her. Belén Rodríguez fully nude as she leans over a guy who is lying on his back and gives him oral sex. She continues to give him a blow job as she swings her leg over the guy and gets into a 69 position with him so they can go down on each other at the same time. She then dismounts and lies on her stomach on the bed as the guy goes down on her by spreading her legs slightly. Just check out the tape for now and enjoy a sexy chick having fun.
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