Jenna Lewis Sex Tape

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Description: Jenna Lewis is best known for having being a contestant on ?Survivor Borneo? and later on ?Survivor All Stars?. She is however also the star of her own private sex video in which she performs with her husband Travis Wolfe after their 2004 wedding. It was originally thought that Lewis and Wolfe made the sex video simply for their own private use and that it was somehow accidentally leaked onto the internet. In interviews, Lewis even talked about the embarrassment she said she felt at the prospect of everybody being able to see her naked and performing sexual acts. This protest however came into question when reports appeared suggesting that she had release the tape of herself to both increase her fame and also to make money from it. Interestingly enough, Lewis previously turned down an offer to pose nude for Playboy after she appeared on Survivor which was a decision that she reportedly later regretted. Lewis and Wolfe later divorced. The tape was filmed in a Las Vegas hotel room and features the couple performing various sexual acts whilst fully nude. Jenna is a real dirty talker, big time, so the audio is half the fun of this one.... take a look at have some fun.
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