Fred Durst Sex Tape

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Description: William Frederick Durst (born August 20, 1970 in Jacksonville, Florida) is the lead singer of the rock group 'Limp Bizkit' and in February 2005, a three minute composite of video clips of Durst having sex was leaked to the Internet after the video was supposedly copied from his computer's hard disk The tape features Fred and an unknown female that he wildly nails. During the two minute video you get a full view of the 'Chocolate Starfish' (from the name of one of his CDs) when he's bent over her and doing the business. At one point he yells out, touch my balls and my ass" and that alone makes the video worth watching. The babe that he fucks looks like the British model (of Russian descent), Masha Novoselova but I might be wrong. Durst said that the chick in the video knew that she was being filmed and gave her permission but added that it was never intended that the video be shown in public. Whatever the intention was, here it is!
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