Chu Mei Feng Sex Tape

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Description: Taiwanese politician Chu Mei-feng became famous in December 2001 when a video of her having sex with a married man was distributed on CD by Taiwan's Scoop magazine. Chu was a Taipei city councilor and former TV journalist and the release of the video caused an immediate sensation and was quickly spread via the Internet. Lycos reported her name as being amongst the most searched for terms in January 2002 despite the local authorities' immediate attempts to pull all the magazines in question from the market. Chu sued Scoop Weekly for libel, invasion of privacy and distribution of obscenity on December 31, 2001, despite the fact that such an action would mean that Chu thereby admitted her prior sexual intercourse with Tseng Chung-ming, and that Tseng's wife would therefore be eligible to sue Chu for adultery. Chu Mei Feng was known to be highly promiscuous and a mistress of no holds barred and anything goes sex. Watch her superb performance now!
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