Allison Williams Sex Tape

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Description: It is not clear if Allison Williams who was a little known talent for channel WVEC Channel 13 in Norfolk, Virginia is still working there or not. After seeing how she performs in this tape I can't imagine why anyone would fire here! This is not a home movie by the way, it was shot in a channel 13 NEWS TRUCK! She gets down and dirty with herself and one of the lucky crew members and they taped it all - I have to say, she's loves sex, a lot! She rides a dildo like there's no tomorrow and then sucks some guys cock which he really liked. And apparently still not having had enough fun she goes to work on her pussy with a dildo. I thought it was a real fun video even if her employers didn't. Maybe she has a new undercover job? Working under people's desks and keeping the station happy!
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