Noelia Sex Tape

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Description: The Puerto Rican mega-pop-star Noelia Monge who is normally referred to as simply Noelia is presently entangled in rumors and chitchat after a sex tape appeared on the internet which supposedly features her and her former boyfriend Yamil engaging in sex. It would appear however that it is Noelia on the sex-tape because she later accused her step-father Topy Mamery of putting the video on the web as part of his never ending attempts to defame her and when asked about the tape Noelia's reply was "Hey Sex Happens!". The scandal has dominated the Puerto Rican media from the outset and after a "month long investigation", Mamery accused Noelia's current boyfriend, Jorge Reynoso of registering the domain on which it was stated that Noelia was the new 'Queen of Porn'. However the only evidence that Reynoso was in any way connected to this was a WHOIS query and Reynoso denied having registered the domain which is now defunct. Noelia has been romantically involved with show-biz personalities throughout her career and she had a four-year relationship with former MDO member, Alexis Grullon, and then in 2004 she had a brief relationship with the rapper Yamil with whom she worked on the album 'Melao'. As of 2007, she was engaged to the Mexican producer, Jorge Reynoso who was also managing her international career. Noelia was born August 31, 1979 and during her career she has had nine 'Latin Billboard Top 40' hits and had eighteen world-wide gold and nine worldwide multi-platinum certified albums as well as an RIAA-certified Gold record in the United States and has also appeared in a multitude of Latin American TV shows. In 2007, she was featured on the cover of the Spanish edition of 'Maxim' magazine and in 2008 she was named one of the '50 Most Beautiful People' by 'People en Espanol'. Being the daughter of Puerto Rican singer Yolandita Monge it's not at all strange that she set out on a musical career and in 1998 she started work on her first full-length album titled 'Noelia' which produced several hit singles and in 2007 she released her sixth full-length album titled 'Volverte a Ver' and began working on her first English language album. As regards the sextape, the plot just gets thicker because Yamil claims that after being threatened by Mamery that he gave the original video to Leo Fernandez who is a member of the paparazzi who subsequently gave the video to Mamery who was looking to profit from its release. Noelia then threatened to go the Mexican authorities to accuse Mamery of rape for an incident that occurred in 2003 . According to Mamery however, he's not the first person that Noelia has accused of sexual assault and says that in the last five years the singer has pointed her finger at both Guillermo Santiso, who is the former president of 'Fonovisa' which is her old record label and also at the singer Alejandro Montaner who is the son of Ricardo Montaner. Well enough of the facts and the rumors so go take a look at the tape, enjoy it and remember all the hullabaloo that surrounds it.
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