Meg White Sex Tape

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Description: It's not clear whether Meg White just did a Paris Hilton or if she's the victim of a hoax but either way the phrase "Meg White Sex Tape" just became the 7th most searched for one on the web! Megan Martha White is a drummer with a blues band called the White Stripes which is a blues band that has sold more than 3 million albums world-wide. She was born in Detroit on December 10, 1974 and was married to Jack Gillis White who taught her to be a drummer. The White Stripes are famous for their childlike quality and Jack says that the simplicity of Meg's style is essential to the band. Jack, who was a drummer with 'Goober and the Peas' also says that it was Meg's love of peppermints that led to the band's logo. The burning issue right now is whether it's Meg or not that's gives a very rhythmic performance on the tape or not?! There are several reasons which suggest that it is her which are.. The sex on the home video is performed in a gritty, dirty blues style that's reminiscent of Robert Johnson (an early blues legend). "The White Stripes', suddenly cancelled their 'Austin City Limits' appearance in addition to the rest of their tour just before the release of the home video due to "Meg's intense anxiety" and the obvious question that comes to mind is, "what was she anxious about?". Meg became an overnight star whereas she was a little known drummer before the release of the tape. In contrast to the above the babe that enjoys the very raunchy sex on the homevideo looks both younger and less pale than Meg but it could of course be an old video that was made when she was on some kind of vacation. It's almost impossible to clearly see faces in the video and one has to question if they were intentionally obscured?! Meg's publicist is adamant that it's not Meg and released a statement saying, "Some people have a very twisted sense of humor and this prank is in particularly bad taste. The tape circulating on the internet as featuring Meg White is fake. It's definitely not Meg". After watching a very vulgar home video twice we still couldn't make up our minds as to whether or not it's Meg on the tape so take a look at it and make your own minds.
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